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My Journey

Hello! My name is Jennifer Cross-Barrett, I am a Mother of 2, Business owner, Certified Grand Master Reiki Meditation Specialist, Artist, Certified Meditation Specialist and Certified 300hr Yoga Instructor.  I am also a Certified Herbalist, Aromatherapist and create my own blends of Essential Oils and Herbal teas, tinctures, lotions, balms.. and whatever I feel like creating.  I've been practicing Reiki Meditation and Meditation for 8 plus years and practicing Yoga for 22 years, 300hr certified for 5 years with several hours of continued education class certifications in Curvy Body Yoga - Modifications for Women and Men with curvy bodies,  Yoga and Neuroscience, Inclusive Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Thai Shavasana Yoga Assists and Tabata Infused HIIT Yoga.   

My goal is to help anyone no matter size, shape or emotional self limiting beliefs, to find methods of stress relief, relaxation and overall, a mind body connection that help allow you to move through your day with more ease and compassion.

If you are in the Gothenburg Nebraska area, I encourage you to join us for one of our group classes or email me, call, text or message me on Facebook to book a One on One appointment catered towards what YOU personally need for relaxation and stress relief!

*And as always, Guided Meditation, Yoga, Reiki Meditation or any other modalities we use at Mind.Body.Balance.Breathe are not a replacement for seeing your Mental Health Professional or Licensed Medical Heath-care Professional. Always discuss any alternative practices such as Yoga, Guided Meditation or Reiki Meditation with your Mental Health Professional or Licensed Medical Heath-care Professional before starting ANY alternative modalities. 


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