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Hey There!

Hello!! I'm Heather Miller, Owner and Sole Proprietor of Hōm Towne Alchemy, which is a retail boutique inside Mind Body Balance Breathe. I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Wife, Mama, Oma, lover of all things natural, herbal and home grown! Spirituality and nature have ALWAYS been my passion and I'm excited to finally be able to share it!! I am currently offering Usui Reiki Meditation sessions and private shopping sessions. I will have more specialized private/group guided meditation modalities coming soon! For more information or private one on one sessions, you can schedule here or email me at: homtownealchemy@gmail.com

Crystal Therapy

CRYSTAL THERAPY SESSION BY HEATHER - In a crystal therapy session the practitioner chooses crystals which match the ideal vibration of each of the client’s subtle energetic centers based on both intuition and knowledge of the physical properties of various crystals. When placed with intention and in harmony, the crystals help guide the subtle energy centers back to their natural, healthy resonance. The crystal therapy session may also incorporate a pendulum reading of your chakras and the application of crystals to your chakra areas. Reiki may be used before, during, or after the session. The session will last, on average, 30-60 minutes, depending on the type of session you request. During this time, you will fall into a deep state of relaxation on the therapy table, fully clothed, while your subtle energy fields are assessed and balanced. Soft music plays as specifically chosen crystals are placed below, on, or next to areas of your body including your feet, legs, knees, abdomen, arms, hands, shoulders, forehead, and above the head. When subtle energy blocks are freed, there can be accompanying physical and emotional reactions such as light shaking, muscle spasms, tingling, flushes of heat, feeling chilled, transitory physical discomfort, and emotional releases such as crying or laughing.





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