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Our hope is to continue this amazing group for many years! But for now, we will be starting in Feb 2020!  However, join at anytime!! You will have access to all the past videos, PDF's, recipes, class studies and more!

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Welcome to the Herbal Intensive, I'm so happy you have joined us! 

Deep Dive Monthly

Herbal Study

Monthly indepth plant study for herbal use, safety and more

Herbal Preperations

Learn the different ways to use your herbs from Teas and tinctures, to honey, oils and steams! 

The Continuum Scale 

Nutritive Herbs, Nourishing Herbs, 

Stimulating Herbs, Acute Use herbs, Low dose herbs

Mini Lessons

These "mini" lessons wont be to mini! They will still be packed FULL of education


In-depth herbal safety and your general herbal safe practices!

Herbal Action

Adaptogens, Bitters, Demulcent, Emollient, Immune Stimulant, Sedative

How to Create your own Materia Medica

aka... Herbal Plant Journal

~Including Botanical Name

~Common Name

and more!

Herbal Actions

Learn about adaptogens, alteratives, nervines, sedatives, expectorants and more! 


Whether your herbs are warming, cooling, drying and/or moistening.  



For the continued health of the plant, and for your safety, there are some important Harvesting Guidelines we all need to follow! 

Constitution State

Dive into the 6 different tissue states and whole body "overall" states

...and so much more!

we will have so much content in our Private FB Group and in our "members only" site ~~~~~

coming soon! 

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