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Welcome to Mind Body Balance Breathe  
"A Path to a Balanced and Centered Life"

We offer various different Alternative Modalities that help you bring more balance and stress relief back into your life.

Stop in at 525 9th Street here in Gothenburg, Nebraska to experience alternative modalities that may help YOU reach a balanced and centered life!

Let me introduce you to our Team!

Our Team inside Mind Body Balance Breathe consists of 3 strong, independent and amazing Women!  We are here to help you carve out a path towards a balanced and centered life.  Through "inside" work such as calming the mind and allowing your body's natural healing to kick in through meditation or increasing circulation and flexibility/mobility with Yoga.  OR coming in for some much needed pampering and relaxation session with a Facial and/or Massage.  Jennifer, Kaitlynn and Whitney ALL have something that may help you to achieve that state of relaxation and stress relief that you may have been searching for!

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Email - Please NOTE - Emails are not checked as often as text or calls. 

Call OR Text

Jennifer: 308-365-2169

Kaitlynn: 402-433-0556

Whitney: 308-529-8201

*We are currently open by appointment only  
Monday to Saturday OR check our Facebook page for updated weather cancelations, yoga classes, session openings, walk-in days, open houses, etc!

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